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Our realities of life

Marus Marriage Agency is an innovative marriage agency in the Ukrainian market, which is a part of the group of companies Ā«Marus Global ConsultingĀ».

Ukraine today is experiencing a time of its new formation, putting in charge of its economic and political development European values and its own national idea. Labour migration deprived Ukraine of many successful, talented professionals in their field who left it in search of a new experience and a better future. However, at a time when men, by their nature, always easily leave their native shores, women remain the guardians of the family hearth, values and core of Ukrainian self-identity.

Ukraine today is one of the most beautiful countries with women who have no equal. They are educated, beautiful, well-coiffed, talented, wise and deeply spiritual.

In our opinion, Ukraine should not open its arms to anyone who is willing to warm up in them. The best gene pool deserves only the best. Therefore, we are very selective both in the selection of brides and in the selection of candidates for their hand and heart.

only High Quality

What is the uniqueness of the Agency?

Marus Marriage Agency introduces a unique selection system for those who are ready to start a family - High Quality.

High Quality is a whole philosophy, trend and multi-level information collection system. High Quality is a marker of trust, responsibility and singularity. The main task of HQ is to collect the most truthful and accurate information about the applicants. This contributes to the formation of a stable positive image of the agency and is a kind of guarantee of the quality of the services provided.

The main levels of the High Quality selection system are general information, medical information, video card, information on income and work, information about reputational risks, psychological test and, separately for men - criminal history clearance.


100% Result

Why do we need to know a lot about candidates?

Many may be disturbed by such a detailed study of candidates, but this does not bother us at all. If a man truly intends to connect his life with a Ukrainian woman, and our women, in turn, are ready to meet a worthy candidate - we intend to provide such an opportunity with a 100% guarantee, but we need guarantees from you. In this way, we select reliable, serious-minded candidates and are able to offer the most suitable option as efficiently as possible.

We do not offer a cat in a bag, are not focused on the organization of cheap dating and meetings and carefully select those who are really ready to start a family. Of course, we are the organizers only of your meeting, the rest is in the hands of higher powers.

We will be sincerely happy if a real, strong feeling of love arises between our candidates, based on trust and responsibility

How it works?

Our work has a clear and understandable algorithm without pitfalls

  • We receive from you a completed questionnaire for the selection of a candidate, with detailed information about you and expectations from the bride (groom) applicant.
  • We are contacting you to conclude a contract for the provision of services and filling in of additional levels of information within the High Quality system.
  • Our unique electronic matchmaking system offers us options that are perfect for your request.
  • We carry out the selection of candidates and organize the most effective communication between applicants.
  • In the case of mutual interest between the candidates - we organize a meeting, engaging for this reasons Marus Club service - a concierge customer service.
  • If the couple has match, we additionally offer services for organizing a wedding, video and photography from Marus Production, as well as support for an interpreter, psychologist and a sex therapist.
  • We provide bonus patronage for our couples on a contractual basis to obtain the services of a concierge service, psychologist services in order to ensure safety and comfort for our customers.

  • If our approach is interesting to you
  • If you are serious about creating a family
  • If you need the most suitable candidate
  • If you value trust and professionalism
  • If you are ready to love and be loved

Good luck and see you at the wedding!
Lots of love from Marus Marriage Agency!